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About Me
Hello and welcome to the "about me" for Michelle Russell, the Master of Money Mindset.  As you can probably tell from my blogs, my podcasts, and my photos, I love to travel and have fun.  When I'm not in my office working in Arizona, I'm often found at my home in Orlando playing with my kids and granddaughter.  Then again, I could be in Hawaii riding the Rim on an ATV.  If you can't find me there, try Panama somewhere down near Bocas Town relaxing on a pristine beach.  After all, I did start this journey working in the travel industry and, at one time, I even owned my own agency (when people used travel agents).  The Travel Gene is part of my DNA so I'm never in one place very long.

How I got here from there is a much longer story but a fantastic one.  I believe we are destined to move along a certain path and, although we have free will, our cards are stacked very much in our favor.  God has our back, as the popular saying goes.  No choice is necessarily wrong, it just might delay the game a little, like Shutes and Ladders, so better to learn our lessons fast and well, lest the path bares repeating.  Your path has led you here and I am glad it has!  My mission is to save the middle class by enlightening them with a money mindset and empowering them to up-the-level of their acceptance.  How good can you stand it?  Let's find out.
You receive at the level 
of your Acceptance.
~ Reverend Ike ~
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Why talk about Money?
It's not Polite to Talk About Money, Politics, or Religion...Don't You Know?
An Introduction to Money: 
Your First Step...
If you have ever felt that you may be stuck on a hamster wheel (getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed, getting up, and doing it all over again like a hamster on a wheel), then, my friend, you've come to the right place. I'll show you how to get unstuck so you can move on and move up (#lessonlearned).  

In my first book, "An Introduction to Money," I talked about how our education system is designed to create an employee mindset.  They don't want you to know about money.  Not how to create it (yes, I said "create") and not how to invest it to have it work for you.  Once you know the hidden secrets and learn the hidden rules, you can play a whole new game! 
50 Shades of Green: 
The Next Step...
The next step in your education evolution around money is learning that the shackles that bind you, the debt that weighs you down like a ball and chain, the pain inflicted by lack of money and scarcity...they are all self inflicted.  That can't be so, you say?  Well, consider the mightly elephant.  When it's young, they shackle its leg to the ground with a strong chain.  The baby elephant learns that it's no match for the strength of the shackle and chain.  It learns quickly that resisting is futile.  The elephant grows, never realizing that its size and strength would easily overpower the shackle and chain with only a little effort now.  However, all the trainer has to do is place a shackle and light chain on the leg of the mighty elephant as his mind is already positive that he cannot break free.  So, he never even tries.  You, my friend, have been conditioned to the chains of your own limiting beliefs about money.  It doesn't matter if they came from your parents or your teachers or your church.  The shackles of your beliefs still remain and keep you stuck in your current financial situation.
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